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Great reward based training which helps channel your dogs natural instincts and allows you to have great fun together and become a team. Claudia is a lovely approachable trainer who patiently answers all your questions and provides easy solutions to help you and your dog. Whether you just want a well behaved Pet gun dog or want to take it further this is a perfect no stress, friendly environment to start in. I have learnt so much and have a lovely spaniel to show for it.



Claudia is our trainer and is very knowledgeable and also makes the training fun. She Instils confidence in me as a handler as I sometimes lack this when the tasks get harder. The Broadoak grounds hosted by Amanda and Mike are fabulous with woods, cover, fields, and water. Highly recommended.


Claudia is a superb trainer who offers classes and 121s for all levels. She offers individualised and helpful advice for everyone who attends the sessions. She works with you to build the confidence of both the handler and the dog whilst ensuring we all have fun. The land at Broadoak is ideal for training with areas for all abilities including water and scent. I would highly recommend the classes for anyone wishing to improve their own knowledge, experience and skills whilst increasing the bond with their dog.



After puppy classes my Labrador Ash and I need ongoing training. This is where Claudia and her expertises help with our next stage of training.

Highly recommended, she sets you up to succeed. Thank you.



We can not recommend Claudia highly enough - she has helped us so much with all 3 of our dogs - we continue to have weekly sessions and all benefit so much - Claudia has a wonderful relationship with all her clients x

We are now in January 2020 and how we have all benefitted from Claudia’s training - thank you so much



Cannot recommend Claudia enough! She has helped with all my training of Shelby and makes the experience fun for both owner and dog


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