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beginner gundog

The Beginner Gundog class is aimed at people who would like to start training their gundog using positive reinforcement training methods. Things that will be covered in these classes would be basic gundog foundation skills, such as:





Basic retrieving 

Sit Stays with distractions

Beginnings of steadiness


Marking lines

NOVICE gundog

The Novice Gundog classes are aimed at people who already have a good standard of heelwork on and off lead around distractions. A reliable recall in most environments, a stop at distance and basic retrieve with a good delivery. We will then look at teaching:


Complex retrieves - memory's, splits and distractions

Teaching handling skills - push backs and directions

Hunting areas

Negotiating barriers, jumps and water

Improving the Stop

Introduction to game

Stops to shot

Steadiness to movement



Advanced Gundog sessions will look at creating scenarios that may be found in working tests and competitions. It will look into the dog and handler working as a team at distance to achieve the aim of the set exercise. To join this group, the dog must be capable of working with the handler, at distance. This will include:

Marked, memory, blind & water retrieves

Holding & hunting an area

Handling skills at a large distance and with distractions

Navigating barriers - jumps, ditches, walls, water, woodland

Walk ups

Stop to movement/flush

Steadiness to fall

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