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What’s in your training treats?

Here at #ClaudiasCanineCoaching, we take such pride in ensuring that our dogs get the best food. Feeding a #NaturalDiet, inclusive of raw meat and bones, keeps the dogs in tip top working condition, with shiny coats and pearly white teeth.

Our #RewardBasedTraining methods often involve using treats, but what’s in these treats? Why spend so much time providing a balanced, natural diet, to then throw it all away by using treats packed with loads of additives and preservatives?

There are a few companies that provide ‘healthy’ treats, but they can be expensive, and go off quickly! We have found that the best way to get hold of high value treats, that don’t cost the earth, and last, is to do a bit of good, old fashioned #DIY!

I know the thought if DIY sounds like more hassle than it’s worth, but there are loads of quick recipes that you can do in the microwave, or leave in an #Aga overnight, or dehydrate!

If planning ahead is what you’re good at, try getting some offal, like liver, hearts, tongue, kidney etc from a local butcher, cut into thin strips and then leave in the dehydrator overnight. They make a great, high value treat, which doesn’t make the bottoms of your pockets all sticky, and lasts for ages!

If you’re not so good at planning ahead (guilty!🙋🏻‍♀️) microwaveable tuna cake is a safe bet! Find the recipe in the link below 👇🏻 By making your own treats, you can take much more control over what’s going into your dogs body, as well as ensuring that Fido's training treats are worth working for!

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