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Training ground to support and challenge

When we all set off training our #gundogs if it be so that Fido is the happiest and most sensible on the park or if we are looking to use them in the field, its important to understand that we need to choose a training ground that will both support and when the time is right push us and our dogs. Here at #claudiascaninecoaching we have a variety of grounds at our disposal. Our main training ground at #kitriddingfarm has everything from water to sheep and a wonderful café for the post training coffee and cake.

But it's scary!

It can be a scary process and sometimes online might seem like the safe bet, but here at CCC our aim is to make sure that we use our practised and popular method of kind, fair and effective - and enjoyable for everybody involved, to help you and your dogs reach your goals using modern, #motivational and reward based methods.

Sterile ground

Using a sterile ground can be a good start and keep going to an environment is good for us but it can give us a false sense of security. We have always found it important that once Fido is ready (and us of course) that we challenge ourselves, that way we can be sure that all the work that we have put in (and coffees drank) have been worth it. So here at CCC we can tailor your training and the ground to suit the scenario and make sure that the next time we are crossing park that we don't have our very own "FENTON!!" moment.

We are here and ready to help, so don't be worried the kettle is on and remember we have all been there and we understand!

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